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I try to continually add new content and improvements to the site, especially from pro-member requests and feedback. I share updates here.
~Matt Visiwig

Latest updates:


New: 120 Text and type icons

Published June 10

40 new icons have been added to the Triple Threat Icons collection. The icons are all related to formatting text, as you'd expect in a text editor.


New backgrounds and improvements

Published May 10

A bit has changed over the last month or so, such as bug fixes, team plans, nav improvements, and new backgrounds.


New: 60 Website Cursors

Published April 10

Implement custom cursors on your website. This set includes many traditional cursors such as arrows and pointers, and other icon-like graphics.


New: 120 shopping and social icons

Published March 15

The Triple Threat Icons collection now includes various currencies, shopping icons, and a few social icons like the thumbs up.


New: 90 nature and travel icons

Published February 7

The set now includes weather icons such as sun, moon, wind, snowflakes, rain, rainbow and nature icons like water, plants, trees, and mountain.


New: 90 foundational UI icons

Published January 8

The most common icons of this set of 30 (x3 styles) are chevrons, maximize/minimize, phone, and a few common UI tasks like delete, log in/out, and downloads.


New: 176 quotation mark designs

Published December 18

These quote marks can help you level up your blockquotes, where you have a quotation mark behind your box of quoted text.


New: 120 device and web icons

Published December 4

The new icons include electronic tech devices from smartphones and computer equipment to coding symbols and more. The Triple Threat Set is now at 480 icons.


New: 60 more icons added

Published November 22

I added 20 new icons in each of the 3 styles (outline, solid, and duo-tone), icons include a question mark, webcam, target, lightbulb and question mark.

New: 60 math and symbol icons added

Published November 7

I added 20 new icons consisting of math operation symbols and arrows. I'm continually adding new designs to build up this Triple Threat icon set.


New: 120 icons added to Triple Threat set

Published October 25

The new direction of SVG Backgrounds is to expand from backgrounds into other SVG-based graphics. I've added close to 1000 graphics in the last 6 months.


Introducing Triple Threat Icons

Published October 11

I'm excited about releasing this special icon set, where each icon has multiple styles that work seamlessly together as one.

Added content-wide search

Published September 14

Content-wide search has been on my roadmap for a while, but until my recent work building up the new SVG collections, hasn't been as necessary.


New: 10 backgrounds with animation

Published September 1

One of the most common requests I've been fielding from customers is to get more animated backgrounds, so I doubled the collection size.


New: 132 Geometric Doodles

Published August 15

After starting off the doodle series with single purpose sets (underlines, circles, and arrows), I decided to create a wider range of decorative doodles.


New: 24 Animated loading graphics

Published August 1

I designed 24 SVG preloaders. You'll be able to adjust the color, speed, and size of the preloaders. Link provided so you can view the collection.


New: 200 plump icons released

Published July 18

This is version 1 of the first set of icons I ever designed. The icons are all designed on a 24x24 grid and are all a single solid color.


New: 45 Circle doodles

Published July 5

The latest release of my doodle series features ovals that you can use to circle keywords or other elements. The doodle style is hand-drawn.


10 new backgrounds: blobs, depth, and gradients

Published June 27

I've been rounding out the background collections, so they all contain closer to 20 backgrounds. That's why I created for various collections this time.


New: 64 Arrow doodles

Published June 15

I continued designing more SVG doodle graphics, this time focusing on hand-drawn arrows. One of the new features I've added is that these arrows can be rotated.

New: 48 Underline doodles

Published June 1

I designed and added a new collection to the SVG elements section of the site. Pro members get access to all 48 SVG underlines.


New SVG Elements: List Item Bullets

Published May 15

I created and published a new set of icons, specifically meant for list items, you know those unordered lists that usually have blocks dots, aka HTML bullets.


Added search to help you find backgrounds

Published May 1

I added the ability to search backgrounds. You can find the search page under Backgrounds > Search Backgrounds or by visiting


Introduction of SVG Elements

Published April 19

The site has major developments, I added a new section that allows SVG Backgrounds to offer more than backgrounds. The site will now offer various types of SVGs


Improved the SVG to CSS converter

Published January 17

When I launched in 2018, supporting older browsers meant we had to URL encode most of the special characters, but now there is a more modern approach.


10 new geometric patterns added

Published October 20

The latest update include 10 new repeating patterns with a mic of hexagonal, earthy, and stipe designs.


Save your own colors with this new feature

Published September 20

You can now save up to 10 brand colors, which are available for quick selection in the background editor.


5 new mesh gradient backgrounds added

Published August 12

Mesh gradients have become quite popular, but SVG is limited to linear and radial gradients. I came up with some techniques to recreate SVG mesh gradients.


10 new animated backgrounds added

Published June 8

Based on a user request, I designed a small set of 10 animated backgrounds.

Performance improvement: faster loading content

Published June 1

After reports that the page that hosts the entire background collection was loading slowly, improvements were made to help the page and content load faster.


New export option: PNG

Published May 16

You now can export backgrounds as a PNG, which is great for software that doesn't fully or partially support SVG files or code.

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