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14 pieces of bad advice aspiring entrepreneurs should ignore

The worst advice given to aspiring entrepreneurs slows down progress, wastes time, and leads them astray. Here are 14 misguided pieces of advice to avoid.


Free SVG Generators

Discover our favorite free SVG generators on the web to handle the time-consuming task of creating patterns, textures, blobs, illustrations, and more.


3 ways SVG can help websites look less blocky

Web design is built on the CSS box model, which causes default content to be constrained by rectangular design. SVGs can help you think outside of the box .


How to add an SVG to WordPress without a plugin

The WP media library doesn’t allow SVG file uploads by default, due to security concerns. Let’s take a look at the various methods to display SVG on WordPress.


My surefire method to build a Twitter following

How do you grow a Twitter following? Tweeting value is important, but the missing piece for many accounts is attracting engaged followers. I’ll break down how.


How I arrived at my perfect business idea

Hint: I didn’t come up with the idea out of the blue. Let’s track down the key moments of my journey, leading to the moment I noticed an opportunity.


How I created branded syntax highlighting for my WordPress blog

I wanted to colorize code snippets with my chosen colors. I found a JS library that works with Gutenberg, allowing me to add syntax highlighting to my WP blog.


How to add SVGs with CSS (background-image)

Let's look at how to add SVGs into the CSS property background-image and how the related background properties can transform the results.


How to optimize and reduce the file size of SVG images

I’m going to break down every possible way and a handful of tools to help you shed bytes from your SVG, so you can keep your website load times fast.


The fastest icons in the Wild Wild Web

In this article, I’m going to show you the fastest way to integrate icons into your web projects. Hint, it’s literally click and paste.


Why our design assets are priced as a subscription service

The subscription model works because the backgrounds aren't typical downloadable assets. We're a service that makes iterating webpage design quick and easy.


SVGBG Changelog

SVG Backgrounds launched in early 2018 and has been incrementally improved over the years. This page tracks the improvements and growing collection.


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