Introduction of SVG Elements

By Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig Portrait Apr 19, 2023

The site has major developments, I added a new section that allows SVG Backgrounds to offer more than backgrounds. The site will now offer various types of SVGs and will be launching with two collections to begin. At first you’ll be limited to simply changing colors, but in the future, these will likely be graphics where you can manipulate other attributes like you can with the backgrounds.

You can export these SVG graphics as Inline SVG code, SVG file, CSS code, and PNG.

New Collection: Duo-tone SVG Icons

There is 150 icons in the set, which you can choose two colors. Unlike your typical UI icons, these icons are great large as the default size is 48x48px. You can find the duo-tone icons under the SVGs tab.

the svg two-tone icon generator

New Collection: Simple Blob Shapes

These are 36 blobs currently and 12 offered free for anyone to sample for a limited time. You can find the svg blobs under the SVGs tab.

The svg blob shape generator editor


Video of Introduction of SVG Elements

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