New: 120 icons added to Triple Threat set

By Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig Portrait Oct 25, 2023

As I mentioned in the soft launch of the new Triple Threat SVG Icons collection, I have plans to “aggressively grow the collection in the coming months.”

The new direction of SVG Backgrounds is to expand from backgrounds into other graphic types made with SVG aka SVG Elements. You can see this expansion has been taken place for a while and announced was in April. Since then, I’ve added close to 1000 graphics including icons, doodles, blobs, and animated preloaders.

The latest work has been doubling the size of the initial Triple Threat release from 40 icons in three styles, to 80 in all three styles.

80 outlined icons from the new collection

Here is a screen grab of the first 80 icons in the base outlined style.

I have added 12 of the additions to the free samples, but members can access the entire Triple Threat Icon set and all other collections.

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