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By Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig Portrait Sep 14, 2023

Back in May, I added the ability to search the backgrounds based on a member request.

I spent more time improving the search, by expanding the results beyond backgrounds. The search will take the keyword and compare it against three specific buckets:

  • Collections (backgrounds and SVG elements)
  • Individual Backgrounds
  • Posts (tutorials, articles, and updates)

In the future I might have the search also match with individual SVG elements, but there were a few challenges that aren’t worth overcoming at this time.

Why I added the search

Content-wide search has been on my roadmap for a while, but until my recent work building up the new SVG collections, hasn’t been as necessary.

However, I’ve been committed to take SVG Backgrounds to the next level, and through my talks with customers the direction I need to head is becoming clearer. I need to do a few things exceptionally well: make it dead simple to find, customize, and import graphics into projects.

As I build up the SVG content, it becomes harder to sift through the graphics. Thus. I need to ensure it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, so I’m trying to make this a core part of the process from the beginning.

Currently can you find the SVG search under the “Backgrounds” and “SVGs” navigational tabs, but after some initial testing, I plan to place it right on the homepage. Yes, it’s that important to the direction of SVG Backgrounds.

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