SVGBG Changelog

By Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig Portrait Feb 1, 2018

SVG Backgrounds was first built and launched in early 2018. The tool and website has been incrementally improved over the years. This page tracks the changes, improvements, new features, and growing collection.

August 2021 Updates

Improved UI

  • New UI skin: more compact and wider
  • Works better on mobile screens
  • Added color history
  • Wider color picker
  • Improved color lock
  • Improved range slider precision
  • Range sliders now show value
  • Improved range slider labels
  • Removed textarea with CSS, replaced with new export option screen

New backgrounds: 

  • Added 10 Texture backgrounds
  • Removed 5 broken backgrounds

July 2021 Updates

Improved thumbs and collection thumbs

  • Better thumb images
  • Improve meta data system
  • New hover effect
  • New collection groups thumbs
  • Alt tags added with description of backgrounds

New Export options:

  • Copy and paste as Inline SVG and Illustrator

Safari / iOS fix

  • Integrated Background-position: fixed work around

June 2021 Updates

Improved background organization

  • Added categories
  • Added Collections

New monthly subscription system

  • Credits system: earn 2 monthly
  • Choose two collections monthly (redeem credits)
  • replaces random 20 new backgrounds (monthly)

February 2020 Updates

New Backgrounds

  • Built collection 200 backgrounds

New features

  • Move slider range: Move elements by translate, scale, and/or rotation
  • Move slider range: Add multiple sliders and target various SVG elements


  • Improved color management
  • Improved palette manipulation mechanism
  • Internal: Better regex targeting for SVG attributes
  • Added support for use elements
  • Better centering calculation based on screen size, viewBox, and SVG elements


  • Transform origin in Firefox fix

November 2019 Updates

New Backgrounds

  • Built collection to 130 Backgrounds

New Features

  • Added support for pattern manipulation (scale, rotation)
  • Added variation, the ability to override colors with random tones based on a color theme (gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, random).
  • Added variation strength, to control level of how the random tones display (0% to 100%)
  • Ability to change blend mode
  • Ability to have multiple versions of a background, to invert, flip, or alter background setup.
  • Added color lock, ability to keep colors between background previews

March 2019 updates

This update includes minor improvements and new features such as new premium content dripping.


  • Better output code optimization
  • Added CSS background-position capability (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Center)
  • Improved CSS background-size, background-repeat, and background-attachment capability
  • Added fade capability that darkens or lightens based on depending on color brightness
  • Deprecated contrast and watermark capabilities in favor of fade
  • Added support for varying stroke widths
  • Added capability to modify height and widths of SVG elements and the SVG itself
  • Fixed size attribute bug
  • Added Gaussian blur filter capability as used in “Building Blocks”, “Page Turner”, and “Otherwordly Goo” premium backgrounds
  • 7 new premium backgrounds develop the divider category, which help designers remove the blocky look of html DIV elements
  • Improved background previews for buttons of smaller detailed backgrounds

New features

  • Added preset feature to allow certain backgrounds to host multiple color themes and/or attribute values
  • Subscription plans grant access to 70 total backgrounds initially
  • Subscriptions now get a new background every Sunday and Wednesday
  • 5 New backgrounds for free plans (40 total)
  • Filter backgrounds by category (all, abstract, repeating pattern, gradient, flat-gradient, dimension, line art, divider, geometric, hand-drawn, illustration)

August 2018 Updates

30 new backgrounds and patterns have been added to the paid subscription section, including Spectrum Chevrons (rainbow), Building Blocks (purple), Folded Stripes (dark with faded gold stripes), Gradient Slider (aquamarine over white), Gradient Cubes (faded warm colors), Looney Loops (green), and Organized Slants (blues and greens over dark gray). Total background collection is at 95.

May 2018 Updates

5 new backgrounds and patterns have been added to the paid subscription section, including Monstera Patch (purple) and Canyon Funnel (black) and Fullscreen Ripples (yellow-purple). SVG is working on reaching 100 backgrounds by the end of July. Total background collection is at 65.

April 2018 Updates

This update includes many big improvements and features such as adding subscriptions for premium content and doubles the current collection from 30 backgrounds to 60. All changes are noted below:


  • Added support for up to max 9 color (from 3 max)
  • Better darken and lighten capabilities
  • Contrast and watermark capabilities allow author to add white or black to colors depending on lightness.
  • More color options and flexibility for authors during pattern creation
  • Better scaling
  • Fixed opacity bug
  • Improved linear gradient angles input
  • Optimized CSS for various backgrounds from the initial release

New features

  • Premium subscription plans
  • 30 new backgrounds and patterns for subscription plans
  • 5 new backgrounds for free plans
  • Downloadable SVGs
  • Position feature moves certain SVG elements, from single anchor points to entire shapes
  • Variety / Variance feature adds tones to the current color pool to add character in a controlled but random manner
  • Auto-hide preview buttons when mouse hovers over UI to focus on background

February 2018 Launch

First version

  • Launched with 30 free backgrounds
  • Edit up to 3 colors
  • Edit basic attributes like color, opacity and more

Early reception

  • Posted on Product hunt Feb 8, 2018
  • Product #4 of the day
  • Over 800 upvotes
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