How to add SVG Backgrounds in Canva

By Matt Visiwig Matt Visiwig Portrait Feb 16, 2022

Canva makes design assessible to the masses, so you don’t need expensive industry software to create nice visuals for your business.

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to get and apply SVG Backgrounds in Canva. You can watch the video or skip to the next section for the written tutorial.

SVGs are great, because they scale without pixelating and are easy to customize to your liking.

Where to find and download SVG Backgrounds

I downloaded a few backgrounds from to use in this demo. All you need to do is select a background, click EXPORT and then click SVG under the download section.

How to import SVGs into Canva

Once you have your SVG files downloaded, you can import them in the Canva editor by selecting the Uploads panel. Once the panel is open, you can drag the SVG files right into the panel or click Upload media to find the SVG files on your computer.

Drag SVG Backgrounds into Canva designs

Once uploaded, you can now drag and drop the SVG backgrounds right into your Canva designs. They can be treated like any other image or element. You can resize them, center them, add transparency, or even position them to the back layer.


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