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"Just came across this jewel. Great new tool for our design workflow"

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"I was stoked to see the SVG Backgrounds site get an upgrade lately. I was playing around in there and was like YES, I’m doing this."

Chris Coyier


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"An insanely useful tool for web developers/designers ... I use it all the time for custom SVG backgrounds"

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1 million SVGs exportedβ€”see why!

SVG exploded in popularity right after we launched our website. Coincidence?! We crafted a wide variety of SVGs so there is something for every brand, client, or project. Can't find the right graphic? Request it! Check out a sampling of what's in our collection below:

grid of squares pink blending into yellow orange repeating pattern of alternating raised tiles triangles in various blue shades background

Core Collection Backgrounds β€” 48

Triple Threat SVG Icons β€” 780

purple mushroom cap design pattern Purple alternating chevron pattern purple zig zag zipper pattern

Alternating Geometric Patterns β€” 20

Animated SVG Preloaders β€” 24

colorful radial mesh gradient rainbow alternating gradient chain from purple to green glowing yellow warming the purple vector sky

Simple Gradient Backgrounds β€” 12

SVG Geometric Doodles β€” 132

blue-stacked-cube-pattern red shiny ribbon woven into a pattern Triangular 3d panels in a pattern

3D Patterns β€” 16

Duo-tone SVG Icons β€” 150

Animated SVG Backgrounds β€” 20

Common questions

Why SVGBackgrounds.com?

SVGBackgrounds makes life easier for developers and designers, and those who might not have professional design skills. Our easy-to-use UI enables you to customize visually stunning backgrounds, icons, and more with lightening-quick deployment into your projects, so you can spend time on better things like enjoying the beach.

Why should I use SVGs?

Today's websites are very visual, but most image formats are bulky, making websites load slowly. That's where SVGs shine! SVGs are scaleable, small in file-size, hi-def, well-supported, and the perfect way to standout from competition.

What's included in the paid plans?

Paid plans include access to our premium graphics and a license to use them without attribution. Our premium collections contain thousands of highly customizable backgrounds, icons, doodles, HTML elements, preloaders, and the new graphics that we are continually adding.

Are there limits to how many graphics I use?

While you hold a license, there are no restrictions on how many graphics you export and use in current projects, granted that you follow the terms in our license. You cannot export graphics for future use or to share with others.

Where can I use the graphics?

Our graphics can be used as design elements, including on websites, blogs, social media graphics, flyers, brochures, and elsewhere as long as our graphics are not redistributed. Example, you cannot include our graphics as downloads on websites which offers free or paid stock photography. The full license can be viewed here. Please don't hesitate to contact us to request clarification for specific projects.

Can I use the graphics after my subscription ends?

Yes. While you have an active subscription, you can add new graphics to new projects. When your subscription ends, you can keep all those graphics in those projects, however you can no longer add new graphics to projects. This means you cannot download or save graphics for future use.

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