Extended License

The extended license is our only license that allows the redistribution of our backgrounds.

(pricing below)

What does redistribute mean?

Redistribute refers to using backgrounds in a way that more than one user gains use of the backgrounds, with or without the exchange of money.

Here are some examples of redistribution:

  • Templates
    Using a background in a pre-made design (website, PowerPoint, flyer, etc.)
  • Customizable End Product
    Allowing users to customize a screen or product with a choice of background (avatar, webpage, socks).
  • Merchandise
    Using a background on a product where the design is a substantial differentiating factor (tshirt, phone case, poster).

A quick test: If you, the designer, manually place the background into the end design, you’re ok with a regular license. However, if the design is replicated for multiple users, you are redistributing the background and need an extended license.

You can never distribute background files (.SVG, .AI, .JPG, etc.) or CSS individually.

Extended License Pricing:

With an active extended license subscription, you can redistribute backgrounds in your product, website, or app with the following usage limits:

  • $99/yr
    • up to 20 backgrounds
    • up to 10,000 users
    • up to 1,000 end-products
  • $299/yr
    • up to 50 backgrounds
    • up to 100,000 users
    • up to 10,000 end-products
  • $999/yr
    • up to 100 backgrounds
    • up to 1,000,000 users
    • up to 100,000 end-products

Contact us for extended licensing

Are you not sure which license is required for your use case? Ask us!

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