Attribution guidelines

Attribution means giving credit to the author. When you use our freebies and give us credit, you make it worthwhile for us to release freebies.

How to provide attribution:

  • Write which graphics you used and “by” 
  • Link to the specific set of graphics when possible
  • Place the credit close to where the graphics are used

Icons by

Where to place attribution:

Web: Place near graphics, or bottom of post/page, or on credits page (see alternatives)

Print: Place in credits section for longer works, or as small print for single-page prints (see alternatives)

Video: In the description with a link or in the end credits

Apps and games: On the download website or in the platform/marketplace description

Templates: Credit and link to the graphics in EACH place your end product can be obtained, and in the readme file. Note: Ensure our graphics aren’t the main focus of your end-product design and that it doesn’t directly compete with what we offer.

Alternatives: Providing credit doesn’t need to ruin or detract from your work. If you can’t provide credit close to the graphics, give a shout out on social media or a blog post, noting which graphics used in your project are by with a link. Or simply buy me a coffee. If no other method works and our graphics will be viewed in an internet browser, you could place credit in the graphic’s source code as a comment (/* CSS */ or <!-- SVG -->)

Prefer not to include attribution?

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