Update: SVG Backgrounds V1.2

This update includes minor improvements and new features such as new premium content added weekly and builds current collection from 65 backgrounds to 95. All changes are noted below:


  • Better output code optimization
  • Added CSS background-position capability (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Center)
  • Improved CSS background-size, background-repeat, and background-attachment capability
  • Added fade capability that darkens or lightens based on depending on color brightness
  • Deprecated contrast and watermark capabilities in favor of fade
  • Added support for varying stroke widths
  • Added capability to modify height and widths of SVG¬† and SVG elements
  • Fixed size attribute bug
  • Added Gaussian blur filter capability as used in “Building Blocks”, “Page Turner”, and “Otherwordly Goo” premium backgrounds
  • 7 new premium backgrounds develop the divider category, which help designers remove the blocky look of html DIV elements
  • Improved background previews for buttons of smaller detailed backgrounds


New features

  • Added modify feature to allow certain backgrounds to flip orientation
  • Added preset feature to allow certain backgrounds to host multiple color themes and/or attribute values
  • Subscription plans grant access to 70 total backgrounds initially
  • Subscriptions now get a new background every Sunday and Wednesday
  • 5 New backgrounds for free plans (40 total)
  • Filter backgrounds by category (all, abstract, repeating pattern, gradient, flat-gradient, dimension, line art, divider, geometric, hand-drawn, illustration)