Update: SVG Backgrounds V1.1

This update includes many big improvements and features such as adding subscriptions for premium content and doubles the current collection from 30 backgrounds to 60. All changes are noted below:


  • Added support for up to max 9 color (from 3 max)
  • Better darken and lighten capabilities
  • Contrast and watermark capabilities allow author to add white or black to colors depending on lightness.
  • More color options and flexibility for authors during pattern creation
  • Better scaling
  • Fixed opacity bug
  • Improved linear gradient angles input
  • Optimized CSS for various backgrounds from the initial release


New features

  • Premium subscription plans
  • 30 new backgrounds and patterns for subscription plans
  • 5 new backgrounds for free plans
  • Downloadable SVGs
  • Position feature moves certain SVG elements, from single anchor points to entire shapes
  • Variety / Variance feature adds tones to the current color pool to add character in a controlled but random manner
  • Auto-hide preview buttons when mouse hovers over UI to focus on background