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Not all vectors are built with the same end product in mind. Illustrator exports SVGs with bulky code and browsers don't support advanced features. We thoughtfully craft patterns to shave off the fat and ensure modern-browser support.

Common Questions


SVGBackgrounds makes life easier for web designers, graphic designers, and those who might not have professional creative skills. Our easy-to-use background tool enables you to customize visually stunning backgrounds with lightening-quick deployment into your projects, so you can spend time better on things like enjoying the beach.

Why should I use SVGs?

Today's websites are very visual, but most image formats are bulky and can make websites load slowly. That's where SVGs shine! SVGs are scaleable, small in file-size, high definition, well-supported, and the perfect way to standout from competition. SVGs rock!

What's included in the paid plans?

Paid plans include access to the growing premium background collection and a license to use backgrounds without attribution. Access to the entire collection is earned overtime for subscribers. Our initial library will get you started with a fresh batch of 30 backgrounds to choose from and customize. Every Sunday and Wednesday a brand new background is added to your collection, until your collection reaches a total of 200 backgrounds.

Where can I use backgrounds?

Our backgrounds can be used as backgrounds anywhere, including websites, blogs, social media graphics, flyers, brochures, and elsewhere as long as image files are not being distributed or sold. Example, you cannot include our backgrounds as downloads on websites which offers free or paid stock photography. The full license can be viewed here. Please don't hesitate to contact us to request clarification for specific projects.

Are there limits to how many backgrounds I use?

There are no restrictions on how many backgrounds you create, download, and use, granted that you follow the terms in our license.